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We want to help the people of Wokingham Borough be a more unified and supporting community through the use of creativity and the arts.

Whether you want to sing or act or paint or dance or go to a performance or visit a community gallery to browse and shop, explore this site. Discover what's on in the local area. Enjoy 'more arts.'.

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During December 2019 the 8th annual Wokingham Living Advent Calendar happened in Wokingham.

More Arts promotes arts throughout Wokingham Borough More Arts collaborates with Wokingham Town Council Click for more information Love Wokingham

At 6pm each evening (4pm at weekends) throughout December, we hope you enjoyed the FREE 20 min. performances. The LIVE NATIVITY was performed at 4pm in Peach Place on Sunday 15th December.

At the events donations totalling £2,283 (our highest yet) were raised by 13 local charities. Most of the donations were collected by the charities themselves. The remainder were collected through card payments via 'more arts.' and those donations have been distributed to the corresponding charity for each event. You can see a full list of the charities at

The identity of each performance was kept a secret until the day, the venues were listed at See video clips from ALL the performances at On that page if you click "videos" you can see longer video recordings of each event.

The Wokingham Living Advent Calendar is a partnership between Wokingham Town Council and 'more arts.' .

As a memory of the Wokingham Living Advent Calendar 2019 you can still download the poster.

More information:

THANK YOU for your donations!

TELL US WHAT YOU THINK: when you attend a Wokingham Living Advent Calendar event, we'd like to know what you think, about the performance, about the venue, or anything else related to WLAC. Go to the Contact Us page and send us a quick message.


'more arts.' has released a 12-minute video to show our Local Arts Loan programme

Click to see video clip Click to see video clip More Arts promotes arts throughout Wokingham Borough

Our 'Local Arts Loan' programme selects high quality A-Level student artwork from local schools and provides it to local businesses and other organisations to enhance their office space.

The businesses pay a small amount each week for each piece, which we share with the schools, enabling them to invest in much needed art material and equipment.

Businesses can opt to pay a small amount extra, which we add to our Legacy Fund which we use to fund arts activities to help vulnerable young people.

We also loan pieces of art free of charge to local care homes, encouraging residents to discuss what the art work means to them and perhaps enabling them to reminisce about their younger lives.

Take a few moments to view our new Promotional Video.

If you would like to learn how your organisation can join the programme, and view some of the artwork in our online catalogue, go to the Local Arts Loan section of our website.

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